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  • Lead singer of Dana K & the Remedy

  • Lead singer for ZED - Classic Rock Cover Band

  • Lead singer of JaCKED

  • Lead singer of Calliope's Radio

  • Guest Performances with local cover bands

  • Solo vocal performances for private events

  • Solo performances - Weddings

  • Solo performances - Funerals

  • Local private party and corporate function performances

  • Voice-overs for computer-based training programs

  • Radio programs for English Language students

  • Vocal Training - Beckett School of Music

  • Vocals in English and Spanish 





My first recollection of music in my life is a Mickey Mouse record player that I got for Christmas when I was three years old. As my dad so fondly reminds me, it was whatever year Shawn Cassidy had a hit with Da Do Run Run. My musical influences only expanded from there and timing led to my being dubbed "Disco Dana" as I stood in my Patsy Gallant costume with a tambourine and fake microphone singing along to everything I could find...everything...Old Hiram's Goat followed by MacArthur Park...Tiny Bubbles right on up to Miss You by the Rolling Stones...Claudja Barry's Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes to Burt and Ernie on Sesame Street Fever and as he continues to remind me to this day, I completely wore out his Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Donna Summer,  and BeeGees albums which he swears up and down "would be worth a fortune now".

 I grew up listening to everything...everything from Edelweiss Trio to Donna Summer, to Patsy Gallant, to Tina Turner, to the Rolling Stones, to the BeeGees, to Steve Miller, to Aerosmith, to Kiss, to Billy Idol. Nothing ever stuck with me more than those powerhouse voices ringing out to On The Radio, Proud Mary, or Piece of My Heart. Strong women with strong voices singing strong songs. As my parents will both agree, I was born a belter and I love to sing. I love breathing life into a song, making it come alive with dynamics, emotion, and power.  


  • Lead vocalist with ZED cover band playing a variety of songs from many genres, 1999 - present.

  • Lead Vocalist for JaCKED 2012 - present.

  • Lead vocalist with Dana K & the Remedy gents 2014 - present.

  • Lead vocalist with Calliope's Radio mid-2006 - 2009.

  • Guest vocalist with Last Exit classic rock cover band, 2006 - 2012.

  • Voice-overs and audio instruction for computer-based training programs and e-learning programs.

  • Conestoga College Women’s Day program, 2004. Conestoga College , Waterloo Campus, Waterloo , Ontario .

  • Creation and production of Crazy English radio programs for English Language Learners, Conestoga College, 2000-2004.

  • Various Weddings – Songs range from Ave Maria, The Prayer, and hymns to requested wedding songs such as Faith Hill’s Breathe and There You’ll Be, Etta James’ At Last, Celine Dion’s Have You Ever Been In Love and Anne Murray’s Could I Have This Dance, 2003 - present.

  • Funeral - songs included Con Te Partiro, Could I Have This Dance, Fascination, 2002, 2005.

  • Vocal experience also includes "Spirit of Albert a" show for CNE, Toronto , Ontario , 1988.

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