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Dana K & the Remedy

Dana K & the Remedy is a 5-piece indie rock, blues, funk, soul, country, pop infusion project based out of Kitchener-Waterloo consisting of professional musicians Dana K (vocals), Howard Brown (guitar), James Rupnow (keys), Mark Hammond (bass), and Steve Blenkhorn (drums). DKR has diverse musical styles and influences with a goal of truly engaging the crowd. DKR released their debut album, Still Time, in 2017 and just released a second album, Chasing Shadows, in 2021.  Check out their website at

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Jacked is a local K-W cover band with a goal of getting people up and keeping people up. With a mixed-genre repertoire of all the sing-along tunes you love, Jacked performs regularly at weddings, corporate events, bars, and private parties. There is a little something for everyone in the mix. Jacked was established in 2015 and has morphed over the years from previous band iterations, members, and names. Today, it consists of Dana K (vocals), John Dahmer (guitar), Eric Fox (guitar), Cameron Martin (bass and vocals), and Yvon Champagne (drums). Check out Jacked here:

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Covershot is a local K-W classic rock cover band. Covershot was formed in 2019 and evolved from previous band, ZED, with Dana K (vocals), Roman Rak (guitar), Bob Whiteside (bass), and Greg Carrigan (drums). Covershot performs regularly at local venues, weddings, corporate events, and private parties. Check out Covershot here: 

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ZED was a local K-W cover band established before 1998 and on the local scene starting in 1999. Founding members included Mauricio Zuniga (vocals, guitar), John Dahmer (guitar), Tom Butler (guitar), Brian Cross (bass), and Jamie Steinburg (drums). When Mauricio had an extended holiday to Chile in and around 1998, Dana stepped in to rehearse with the boys (the only girl allowed in the Friday night boys’ club since her uncle was John Dahmer, so she was family), and the rest is history…band members came and went throughout the many years ZED was on the scene with its final line up including Dana K (vocals), Roman Rak (guitar), Brian Cross (bass), and Mike McNeill (drums) that continued on for many years and then retired in 2018. ZED members Dana K and Roman Rak then founded Covershot to keep the party going. 

Lady D and the Barrelhouse Gents

Lady D and the Barrelhouse Gents was a local K-W blues/funk/soul infusion project from 2014 – 2016  with Dana K (vocals), Howard Brown (guitar), James Rupnow (keys), Jason Hein (bass), and Steve Brackett (drums). This band began writing original music and quickly changed lanes into the indie rock scene becoming Dana K & the Remedy in 2017. 

Calliope’s Radio

Calliope’s Radio was an original indie band project with an alt-rock, country infusion sound from 2006 - 2009 with Dana K (vocals), Steve Wood (pedal steel, keys, guitar, harmonica, vocals), Edward Besenschek (bass), and Drew Foster (drums). They released their debut album, Sleep Long and Smile, in 2008.